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Are you ready for a dog?  Try the quiz!


Have you been asking your mum and dad for a dog?  Pleading, begging with them?

Take a look at our quiz below.  If you can really answer 'yes' to all these questions then perhaps you are!  Talk to your parents, tell them the questions and your answers and show that you really do understand what having a dog is all about!


If your child is too young to answer these questions for themselves, consider talking them through with them.  If s/he understands what the questions mean, and how they will have to behave with, or treat, a dog, then perhaps it is time! 


Keep a note of your scores as you go through, and check your total at the bottom of the page - this will give you an indication of whether you are ready to keep a dog as a pet, or whether you should consider another animal!

Try to be honest as you answer each question!

Note for parents:  This quiz is meant as a fun guide to help children understand the commitment required to owning a dog.  Pets4kids.info recognises that there may be other factors in your household which means your child cannot have a dog as a pet (allergies of other family members for example.  We suggest you talk your child through this sensibly, and look together at the other pet options suggested on this site. 
Yes, my parents like dogs! 

Great, you are half way there already.  See how you get on with the rest of the quiz.  Score 5
Mum does, Dad doesn't.  Or the other way around!

If one of your parents does not like dogs this is a bad as both of them not liking them.  Even if you can get Mum (or Dad as the case may be) on your side, you will find it difficult to introduce a dog into the household.  Any damage that a puppy does, for example, will be so much worse if one of your parents doesn't like them in the first place!  Score 2
No, my parents do not like dogs! 

Oh, dear, you may well have to consider keeping another pet.  Dogs are much more than just having a pet in the house - they are around all the time and expect to be treated as part of the family.  Not everyone is a 'dog person', and however much you try you may not be able to turn someone into a dog lover.   Score 1

Question 1

What do your parents think about dogs?  Do they like them?

I don't know

Before you go any further you better find out!  Having a dog in the family is a huge commitment.  If neither you or your parents have had a dog before it will be a very new experience - in many ways a very good one, but if you don't know what to expect it can also turn out to be disasterous!  Score 2
You have a house and garden, and somewhere to walk a dog close by!

Excellent!  This is exactly the sort of home that a dog needs.  A dog will need to be able to be let into the garden to do its toilet, and will need to be taken out for walks.  If you have somewhere close by this will be a great help!  Score 5
You don't have a garden, but do have somewhere close to walk a dog.

It will be  difficult for you to keep a dog without access to a garden.  The dog may be unhappy, and without easy access to the outdoors may become destructive in the house. 

You will have to be prepared to take your dog out for a walk 3 or 4 times a day - more when it is a puppy.    Score 2

Question 2

Do you live in a house with a garden, and somewhere close         by to walk a dog?
You don't have a garden or somewhere to walk a dog.

Really where you live is not a suitable home for a dog.  Dogs cannot be trained to use a litter tray like a cat, and need to have a lot of exercise. 

It will be best for you to consider another pet. Score 1
You do not have a house and garden, do not have somewhere to walk a dog close by!

It will be very difficult for you to keep a dog.  The dog may be unhappy, and without easy access to the outdoors may become destructive in the house. 

Although it is hard it may well be better for you to choose a pet which does not need exercise.  Score 1
Yes, I enjoy walking

If you like to walk twice a day in all weathers (when it's raining and cold as well as when it is warm and sunny) then you will be a great dog owner! 
Score 5
Dogs don't really need 2 walks a day, do they?

Dogs need a lot of exercise, some breeds far more than others, but all dogs like to get out of the house twice a day.

If you don't really fancy doing this then a dog may not be the right pet for you.
Score 1
Question 3

Will you be prepared to walk your dog twice a day?
I'd like to but I get a lot of homework

If you own a dog you will have to make time for walking your pet as well as doing your other chores. 
Score 2
No, I don't like walking

If you don't like walking the a dog really isn't the right pet for you. 

It really is better to be honest now and consider another animal which does not need so much time and commitment from you!
Score 1
Question 4

Is there someone at home for at least part of the day, every day? 
Someone is home most of the day, but we like to go away for weekends quite a lot

If you and your family like to have lots of holidays you will either have to take your dog with you, or put it into kennels or have someone dog sit.  This all takes time to arrange, so last minute get aways will be more difficult to arrange.  You will need to think carefully whether a dog is right for your household.
Score 3

I am at school and my parents are at work

This is not the best household for a dog.  Although some dogs can get used to being on their own for most of the day, most do not enjoy their own company.  If you have to have a dog in a situation like this it is best to have two, so they can keep each other company. 

You will need to be prepared for them to make a mess indoors, and they may be destructive if they get too bored.
Score 1
Yes, one of my parents is home for most of the day

This is just the right household for a dog.  Dogs do not like to be left on their own for very long, and can be very destructive if they are! 
Score 5
Question 5 

What will you do if your new puppy chews and ruins your favourite toy, book or computer game?
It is natural for puppies to chew so I would not mind

To be a good dog owner you will need to keep things which may harm the puppy well away from it.  However hard you try you will find that it will probably manage to destroy something dear to you whilst it is growing up.

If you are understanding and fair to the puppy you will make an excellent dog owner.
Score 5
As long as it doesn't chew something belonging to my parents!

Everyone in the household must understand that puppies do not know what belongs to them, and what is someone elses.

Everyone must be involved in helping the puppy learn.  If you are worried about your parents this suggests a dog may not be the best pet for your family.
Score 1
I would be very unhappy!

Puppies love to chew as it helps their teeth to grow.  Many dogs love to chew things all their lives.  They have to learn the things which they can chew, and the things they can't.  You will have to be very careful to keep things which the puppy must not chew well away from it.
Score 2

What's your score?


If you have scored 5 for each question what are you waiting for?  You have the ideal household and environment for a dog, and your new pet will probably be very happy in its new home.

Just take care in choosing the right size dog with the right sort of temperament and you will have many happy hours together!
15 - 24

Hold on a moment and consider whether a dog really is the right pet for you.  You have some of the right conditions for keeping a dog, but may be the time is not right just now.  Your parents may need more time to get used to the idea, or to understand that you are old enough to care for a dog properly.  You may not be living in the right sort of house.  Give it a little more thought and consider how well you will be able to look after a dog.
5 - 14

You have been very honest, but in all probability a dog is not the right pet for you just now. 

Think of the dog - it is not fair to bring it into a household where it is not going to be welcomed.  There may well be a better pet for you and your family. 

Try to be sensible about things, and see it from your parents point of view.  There are many reasons why people do not like dogs - sometimes a person may have had a bad experience in the past (been bitten for example) which has made them afraid of dogs.  Some people are allergic to dogs.  Some parents are quite sensible, knowing that a dog will not fit into your lifestyle! 

Don't worry - you may not be able to have a dog now, but can plan to have one in your future.  If you feel that only a dog will satisfy you, may be there are ways to have one in your life, but not in your home?  Depending on your age and where you live it is quite possible that someone living locally may welcome an offer to take their dog on walks for them - especially an older person may welcome this! 

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